Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: New trailer launches with DLC details


If you’ve made it through the terrifying encounters awaiting you in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (or if you’re still in the fetal position in the corner), you’ll be happy (or horrified) to know that there’s more where that came from.

We’ve known about the Banned Footage DLC packs’ existence for a while now, however Capcom have recently provided more details on what’s to come for the game, as well as releasing a shiny new trailer. PS4 owners and those who dove straight in with the Deluxe Edition and Season Pass will have access to Volume 1 of the Banned DLC two-part pack today. Season Pass holders will also be treated with an additional story episode, with more details to come.

Available for $9.99, Vol. 1 introduces players to the ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Bedroom’ scenarios. In Nightmare, a Sewer Gators cameraman, Clancy, must survive an enemy onslaught and make it through to morning. As if that wasn’t challenge enough for a cameraman with no combat training, Clancy has been left to his own devices meaning players will have to craft their own weapons and ammo if they’re going to make it out alive.


Bedroom brings the DLC closer to home, though we all know by now that’s no comfort. Clancy’s not having much luck, and has found himself locked in a bedroom with an eagle-eyed-bedtime-monitoring Marguerite Baker prowling the corridors. It’s the cat and mouse scenario we’ve been playing throughout Biohazard, as you attempt to escape your prison.

Each volume of the Banned Footage DLC includes two of these scenarios as well as an extra game mode. Vol. 1 is optimistically entitled ‘Ethan Must Die’. An infinitely repayable mode, this addition to the game presents an extra challenging mini campaign separate from the main story events. It’s not VR compatible, but we can only assume that’s to limit the number of medical bills charged to Capcom.

PS4 players will have until February 14th to recover from the first instalment. Volume 2 will be priced at $14.99 and includes scenarios “21” and “Daughters” as well as a “Jack’s 55th Birthday” mode.


21 is a cosy, intimate game of cards with your old pal Lucas Baker, except he’s not your old pal, and you’re gambling with your life. Daughters allows players a look through the history of the Baker family, as you dive deeper into the events leading up to the main campaign. Then it’s onto Jack’s birthday and you’re in charge of the catering. Racing against the clock to serve Jack “tons of treats” sounds like the back of a Cooking Mama box, except you can probably tell that these treats will be more cooked mama.

If you’re playing on other platforms without a season pass, you’ll have to wait for February 21st to get your hands on both of these DLC packs. If you just couldn’t take that DLC plunge, then there’s no need to wring out your bank balance. Capcom have also announced a free “Not a Hero” content pack to arrive this Spring. The mini campaign will see players take on a separate storyline away from the main events of Biohazard.