Vikings – Wolves of Midgard March release date announced


Kalypso Media recently revealed US and EU release dates for their upcoming action RPG Vikings – Wolves of Midgard. The PC, Xbox One and PS4 title will go to retail March 24th for global PC and EU consoles. US consoles will see the release March 28th.

vikings_screen_jan2017 (14)

Wolves of Midgard sees players summoned to battle across the Shores of Midgard. The mythological-historical world of the vikings is brought back to life through the journey of a fierce Viking warrior. Across this unforgiving landscape, it’s not just the undead monstrosities and cutthroat beasts of Ragnarok players will need to master, environmental dangers abound and protection from the deadly cold is necessary to survive. Players can choose to take on this ferociously bloody world as a solo warrior, or with their clan over online co-op multiplayer.

Master the weapons you earn to unlock their true potential on the battlefield, and keep an eye out for scattered fragments of legendary weapons that can be constructed to take on some of the most fearsome of combatants. The Gods are on your side, and will often equip you with powerful amulets to be used on your earthly realm and tested further by competing in the ethereal Trials of the Gods for further rewards. Keep those Gods happy by collecting the blood of your fallen enemies and offering it at the altar to earn yourself powerful skill enhancements.

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Before you storm into battle with a freshly sharpened axe, it might pay to turn your head to home for a while. You have also been tasked with rebuilding and restoring your humble village to lead your clan to glory. Upgrading buildings such as the weapon smith, armourer, and runesmith will no doubt help your efforts on the battlefield, so it’s worth investing in some home comforts before rushing off to your foes.

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If you manage to secure yourself a boxed copy of the game on the console of your choice, you will also be treated to a Special Edition, including a digital soundtrack, large-sized poster (EU only), and a digital art book. Pick up a physical copy of the PC version, and players will receive the digital soundtrack, digital art book, the large poster (EU only), and an exclusive DLC pack containing extra character customisation options. Steam users can pre-purchase at a 15% discount and will also receive the soundtrack, art book, and costume pack.