PS4 patch 4.50 brings wallpaper support and more


The PlayStation Blog revealed today the full list of features that will be implemented on their flagship console as of March 9th (tomorrow? Yippee!) and I have consequently taken it upon myself to give you fine people the low-down on what’s new on the PS4.

External HDD Support

For those of you who – like me – have run out of storage space on the PS4’s built-in hard drive several times over, fear not: Sony’s latest system update will allow you to connect an external HDD via USB cable and presumably download new games straight to the external drive.

This feature supports hard drives of up to 8TB, and will still be compatible with the home launcher bar so that the PS4 system will remember which games you played last.

Images courtesy of the PS Blog.

Images courtesy of the PS Blog.

Custom Wallpapers

I’ve actually been waiting for this one for a while now. The 4.50 patch introduces the ability to choose and apply your own wallpapers, be they console screenshots or pictures imported from an external device. The option to dim the area immediately surrounding the menu bar – and to add shadows to the text – means that you can choose the most detailed or gloomy or damn surrealist picture you have. You can also edit your chosen wallpaper using Sharefactory.



Boost Mode

If anyone out there is regretting splashing out on that PS4 Pro because the fun ends with titles that aren’t optimized, I say again, fear not. The latest system update affects the Pro as well as the original console, bringing a new feature in the form of Boost Mode; turn it on to make the most of the new console’s increased power on games that are unlikely to receive support and optimization.


… I mean, it isn’t THAT smaller.

Other Important Stuff

Further improvements have been made to the Quick Menu – a recently implemented feature – so that it clutters your screen a little less; you’ll also be able to access party and chat options without having to navigate to the menu bar option. On top of that, you’ve also got minor simplifications made to the notifications tab on the menu bar, and a new feature that allows you to post to your Activity Feed from one more on an increasingly long list of places in the menu.

Oh, and the console now supports 3D Blu-Ray.

That seems to be the lot of it, until the patch is released tomorrow and the other minor bug fixes and improvements make themselves known. Oh, and for reference, the PS Blog article detailing what I’ve been on about can be found here.