Underwater sci-fi adventure, Anoxemia, launches digitally this week


Strap on those scuba tanks everybody, because we are going under the sea with the release of Bad Lands Games and BSK Games latest 2D adventure, Anoxemia. In this underwater exploration we will get to step in the scuba suit of Dr. Bailey as he hunts through the underwater ruins of a war fought long ago. However, things take a turn for the strange when Dr. Bailey’s submarine crashes down to the ocean floor.

With Anoxemia, BSK Games is looking to deliver a unique sci-fi horror story that leaves the player waiting with baited breath as the story unfurls. The story is revealed through Dr. Bailey’s voiced narrative over the course of over 30 unique underwater levels. In these levels, the player will be tasked with puzzles that require critical thinking and keen instincts; as the levels require several items/ upgrades to find and use.


I think BSK Games has chosen the perfect setting for this game, as the ocean depths prove to be a common fear and provides an endless amount of opportunities for horror as it hides the unknown. As the levels of unknown are peeled back and a light is shone into the cracks and crevasses, the opportunities for a horror twist multiply. Just in the trailer alone, you can see the adventure of Anoxemia taking a dark turn. At the very end of the trailer, we can see Dr. Bailey swimming through a collapsing tunnel of dead bodies as the screen experiences disruptions. The mystery of this scene alone is engaging and begging for an answer.

You can find the answer to Dr. Bailey’s chilling predicament this Tuesday on March 28th, when Anoxemia releases digitally worldwide on the PS4 and the Xbox One at the price of $7.99 / €7.99 / £6.39. You can learn more about Anoxemia and Bad Land Games at their official website here.