Mafia III announces the release of a free demo



Way, way back in October we saw the release of Hangar 13’s very first game, Mafia III. An ambitious open world product for the small studio, Mafia III offered a rich plot covering issues that do not show up very often in the video game space. While the game did have its faults, you can read our full review here, the story is really a rewarding experience in its own right. Recently, 2K and Hangar 13 have offered up a free demo of the game’s opening act; to give potential players a taste of the story in action.

In the demo, you will be able to play the opening chapter of the game; a bank heist gone wrong. This chapter is one of the best scenes in the game. It has everything, car chases, boat chases, shootouts, tense undercover scenes, and some beautiful scenery that includes an incognito trip through the Mardi Gras parade. It is truly an experience that is was worth the price of admission back at the game’s launch, so I highly, highly suggest that you take a moment to give it a chance.

The announcement of this free demo comes hot on the heels of the first installment of the season pass story-based DLC, “Faster, Baby!” In this DLC, you step back into New Bordeaux with a new narrative and a new female lead, Roxy Laveau, who takes center stage in a world of fast cars and corrupt police. We wrote more about the DLC back when it was announced here.


Mafia III, the demo, and the “Faster, Baby!” DLC are available on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam.