Call of Duty Infinite Warfare gets new maps with upcoming Continuum DLC


In this day and age, Call of Duty and DLC map packs go hand in hand. It’s a tradition as old as time! Well, as long as your definition of “time” starts about 9 years ago when the Call of Duty franchise really found their competitive multiplayer groove with Call of Duty 4. Either way, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is unrolling the 2nd piece of the 4 piece meal that is their season pass DLC with a Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Continuum.


In this latest update to the 2016 Call of Duty release, players will get to battle it out on 4 all new multiplayer maps:

  • A plush spa resort named Turista, full of tight corridors for close quarters combat and sniper locations scattered about a central waterfall.
  • An abandoned moon junkyard called Scrap, with extended sightlines for sniper friendly matches, while also tactical pathways for rush and attack playstyles.
  • A futuristic art gallery, Archive, that boasts tight quarters mixed with open battlegrounds in a wide three lane set up.
  • A modern take on Rust, a Modern Warfare 2 fan favorite, called Excess where players get cozy in a smack, circular map for intense and frantic combat.

But that’s not all! Season pass holders and DLC buyers alike will also be able to play the latest Zombies co-op campaign, Shaolin Shuffle. In this latest chapter of zombie mayhem, players will face new enemy types throughout disco-era New York City locations such as subways, nightclubs, and, of course, martial arts dojos to pick up 4 all-new kung fu fighting styles. Actress Pam Grier (Jackie Brown, Foxy Brown, Mars Attacks) will also lend her voice and likeness to the campaign as the Shaolin Sister.


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Continuum is available first on the Playstation 4 on April 18th.