Prey Demo coming April 27th


As someone who as never played the original Prey game, the hype for the new game coming out has me very curious as to what it’s all about. With Bethesda rebooting the series, it seems more than fitting that I finally try out Prey.

Today Bethesda announced that a free demo of the upcoming Prey game will be hitting your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 digitally on April 27th. This demo will allow the players to play through the opening hour of the game before its official release on May 5th, 2017.

Their choice to release a demo is a great publicity move that is often unseen in today’s videogame market. It seems like back in the days of the PlayStation 3 and 360 almost all games had a demo of some sort. This demo will definitely have me giving the game a shot and in the long run could lead to more sales than if they hadn’t done one. This shows the confidence that Bethesda must have in their upcoming Prey game after their highly successful release of Doom last year.