Project CARS 2 slides in an all new Rallycross mode


Imagine that you’re in a supped up vehicle, ripping through the dirt taking hairpin turns and launching across 70 foot jumps, all while in a closed course with several other racers chomping at the bit for your top spot. Welcome to an all new take on Rallycross. Get ready to rev those engines and power into those drifts, because the world’s most thrilling and action-packed motorsport is coming to the latest entry in the racing simulator franchise Project CARS in late 2017.


The first Project CARS launched in May of 2015 and instantly went head to head with longstanding racing sims Gran Turismo and Forza, but made its own unique mark on the genre with its staunch approach to attaining a level of realism. Project CARS takes their dedication to realism to the point where actual racers like IndyCar Series’ Alex Lloyd called it the superior game in terms of how the cars feel when racing.

Developer, Slightly Mad Studios, has no intention of slowing down on the realness front when it comes to adding in a whole new racing type with Project CARS 2. The development team has employed a partnership with one of RallyCross’ most prolific teams, OMSE Rallycross, as well as Honda Factory Global Rallycross racers Mitchell deJong and Oliver Eriksson, to provide the most realistic rally experience to date.

In Project CARS 2’s Rallycross mode, players will be able to tear across in-game scans of several real-world tracks such as DirtFish, Daytona, Lånkebanen, and the original rally track Lydden Hill. Slightly Mad has provided an in-game trailer of several of the purpose built rally cars in action, drifting and jumping across these all new tracks.

Later this year, the high speed, low traction world of Rallycross racing comes to Project CARS 2 on the PS4, the Xbox One, and PC via Steam.