Lots of work for one Battlefront II poster

A lot of us are pretty hyped about Star Wars: Battlefront II, and I know I’m pretty happy about it. The last time I played the first game in the series I enjoyed myself. It was so much fun making my own little Star Wars adventures, and I know a lot of gamers who played that game feel the same way.

I know one thing, and that’s the fact that I love art. And I happened to find something very interesting. Everyone has seen those really cool posters they make, right? But did you know exactly how much detail goes into each part of their creation? Well, I shall show you here.

This is the poster in its entirety.


See? There’s a lot going on here when you look at it, but that’s not all of it.


Each of these images is a different section of the poster. Now, I’m in love with different kinds of art, but this is complete skill here. Someone took the time to plan such a large poster. Each of these photos of the poster look as if they are a puzzle, that when you put them together the whole thing comes together.


I really like the details of the lasers coming from their weapons, especially that one in the left had corner.


And you can see the small little ships in the background on this photo.


See how the sparks look on this one?


You can even see the lights on the small ships here. That’s just impressive. Look at how much detail this poster has. As an artist, I’m taking notes!

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Rey’s saber looks like a beam of light coming from the sky here. But that’s a really impressive amount of detail. You can even see the step like structures on that pyramid over there in the background.

Now, I hope that seeing these images today have given you a better insight on just how much detail can go into making a game’s poster. Because this poster is a clear indication that the artist is pretty dedicated and worked really hard.