Pokemon Go is getting an update!


Players of Pokemon Go seem to be quite happy with the ability to hatch 5km and 10km monsters from 2km eggs. This has been a neat little treat for players, and many of them love it. While this is a feature that many players appreciate, there are some updates coming that everyone has been waiting for. There’s something huge being teased for release this summer.

The event coming this summer is said to add features that the game lacks. These features are a major part of the other Pokemon games. Luckily, the mobile game is still going strong, but these features need to be added before the player base begins to drop off.


There’s good news coming however. In an interview with Japanese Website K-Tai Watch, Niantic’s General Manager Yoshiji Kawashima said that they are planning a huge event for the summer. This event may include these long awaited features, as reported by Android Central. I can say that I too am excited about this news. I used to play Pokemon Go at the time of release. I got really crazy for it, but then it began to die down for me as interest waned. I feel it was the lack of features that people are used to seeing in the other Pokemon games. Seeing news about a possible event to add these features is getting my interest in playing the game back in full force. Here’s what Yoshiji said directly.

“I hope you are looking forward to this huge event this summer. Please look forward to it. Engineers are working hard now so that new functions can be implemented.”

These new features will hopefully be trading and PvP. If you’ve played the traditional portable Pokemon games, you know how fun these features are. Imagine them being added to Pokemon Go! Niantic already has a plan for how trading will work, and it will not be easy. These trades will not work through the internet. This has been made clear by Senior Product Manager Tatsuo Nomura told Polygon. Those wonderful days of internet trades are gone. Players will have to go out and meet each other to trade their desired Pokemon. So to get a region locked Pokemon, you would have to set up a meeting with someone who has the desired Pokemon for trade. Some other mechanics to be added are raids, PvP and PvE. This will get people to come together instead of sitting around playing alone. That was the problem I had with playing Pokemon Go – there weren’t enough people around me for me to discuss the game with. It must still be difficult for trainers who do not know enough people who play.

The upcoming summer event could even involve Legendary Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon Mew and Mewtwo have not been seen in the game- it is a possibility that they may be given out out at the event. Players may even have to battle them to catch them. That sounds like a fun challenge. I know I would enjoy it, and many other Pokemon Go players would enjoy that as well. During the summer event, Generation 2 Pokemon will remain out of the game, possibly for the rest of the year.

So in the mean time to prepare room, players can walk around and hatch all their eggs. I would buy an incubator to make things go faster for me within the game. So this leaves me to wonder – Is Pokemon Go a dead name? No. Especially after these updates. I feel that Niantic is moving further into the direction that people may consider steam punk in the future. So all I can say to my fellow trainers is get out there, and get prepared so the real fun can begin.