Steep’s Winterfest add-on coming May 3



Steep players rejoice! The Winterfest premium add-on is coming on May 3. Why are they releasing content called Winterfest in May, you might ask? Who knows, maybe the Alps have shifted to the southern hemisphere. Regardless, the pack comes with 21 new challenges, 10 costumes, new ways to customize your bundled-up snow-sporter, and a new crop of bosses to go up against on the slopes.

Steep has wingsuits, skis, and snowboards. But now, Winterfest is bringing the king of snow: the sled. The major piece of content Winterfest comes with is a new sport, called Winter Sled. This new sport promises to be just as extreme as barreling down the Alpine slopes on a sled sounds. Finally, players can relive what it felt like to sled down that hill near their house, only this time the hill is a mountain and you better be sure you don’t wipe out.

The Winterfest add-on to Steep will be released on May 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $11.99 USD. Owners of the season pass or gold edition of the game will receive Winterfest for no additional cost.

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