Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and 3DS launches July 29 in Japan


Good news, Dragon Quest fans! Dragon Quest XI will be ready for release in Japan on July 29, 2017. Now, there isn’t word on if there will be a translation, but given that there are several other Dragon Quest games in English, this one may join those ranks. The versions for the PS4 and 3DS are definite.

Square Enix public relations stated that support for Nintendo’s Switch console is planned, but they don’t have anything else to announce in that regard. Early purchases of the game will come with nifty in-game items. I know that as a gamer, I love extras. Sometimes I get the chance to grab them up, so I know people will be excited about that.

Vest of Happiness: Increases experience earned in battle.
Upstart Vest: Increases gold earned after battle.


A “Dragon Quest XI Double Pack Hero’s Sword Box” includes both the PS4 and 3DS versions of the game. They will be encased in special packaging and will be on sale at both the Square Enix e-store and Lawson HW Stores for 14,960 yen. This looks like a great deal. Even if someone doesn’t have one of the systems, they could still have both versions of the game. Great for sharing with a friend who might have the opposite system. That’s what I would use it for if I were to make a purchase. Even if you can’t speak Japanese, the hype is still here. I can tell from what I’ve read about this game that it will be a very fun experience.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia and Nintendo are planning hardware bundles for the game. Square plans to host some fun hands-on events as well in Japan leading up to the game’s release. The events are scheduled for the following days:

  • May 27 and 28: Abeno Q’s Mall (Osaka)
  • June 10 and 11: Solaria Plaza (Hakata)
  • June 17 and 18: Mozo Wonder City
  • July 8 and 9: Sapporo Factory (Sapporo)
  • July 16 and 17: Futako Tamagawa Rise (Tokyo)

According to Sqaure Enix, Dragon Quest XI will take at least 50 hours to finish. That’s without the side quests and other activities the game has to offer. With all the side activities included it would take up to 100 hours to finish the game. Additionally, the previous mentioned “Spell of Restoration” matches up with the player’s progress, but it doesn’t carry over everything. The general state of progress will remain the same, except your main character’s name doesn’t carry over. This “spell” can be used between the PS4 and 3DS versions of the game.

Last but not least, I’ve got trailers! Go ahead and take a look!

PS4 and 3DS Mixed Trailer:

PS4 Trailer:

3DS Trailer:

There’s nothing that gets me more hype for a new game than the trailers. However, while I myself am not a big fan of the Dragon Quest series, I know this is something fans have been waiting for. I can tell.