Gaming at C2E2


C2E2 came and went quicker than a Dark Souls newb session. On the show floor, videogames and gaming were happening in both classic and modern forms. IPG was back again, setting up their gaming section to lure attendees from all of the comic and art booths.


Classic consoles, like the PlayStation 1, Sega Genesis and Dreamcast, were hooked up to CRT TVs and calling out for players to take a trip down memory lane. I got a kick out of playing some Power Stone with a complete stranger who had no idea what the game was about (and may not have been born yet for that matter). Also set up were PS4’s running Street Fighter V and Smash Bros. stations, crowded with people who attempted to best friends and foes alike.


Just around the corner was Dial Up Games, showcasing their ultra rare video games and peripherals for sale. A Golden Mario amiibo was only $80, and a sealed copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! for NES was only a $250. A prototype NES Talespin by Capcom wasn’t even priced, as Capcom is still hoping that someone will send it back!

A stone’s throw away was the Twitch stage broadcasting C2E2 Live! Got to watch Stan Lee chat about the Spiderman and hear from personalities as they played Gang Beasts or a Street Fighter V tournament live. Foam Brain games was also nearby where you could check out a board or card game and play a couple rounds with friends.


But something was missing in all the fun on the floor. We didn’t run into one developer this time around! Chicago has a great indie gaming scene, but none were in attendance (as an exhibitor). The local studios were no where to be found. It was an odd schedule to see a large presence of gaming voice over actors, but no developers.

Of course, we will have to wait and see what next year brings, but hopefully gaming can start taking a chunk of the show floor back!