First teaser trailer for The Wayward Isles released


Ironheart has recently announced the launch of their first teaser trailer for their very first title The Wayward Isles. The Wayward Isles is a narrative-focused adventure game set in a uniquely detailed fantasy society. The game is still in the early stages of development and set to be crowdfunded with Kickstarter before a release in 2018.

The Wayward Isles is a game rooted in action and exploration, with elements of combat and puzzle-solving. Story and atmosphere drives the game through its completely open island environment, drawing on folklore and the culture of areas such as Scandinavia and the Orkney islands.

While elements of magic exist, the game sits firmly in a ‘low fantasy’ setting. In order to avoid the usual tropes of the genre where possible, The Wayward Isles offers a more realistic mood than similar games.


Players control Scyld, an aging exile returning to the island of his birth to settle old scores. In doing so, he finds himself drawn into conflict with the mysterious Odd Folk. In order to make progress, Scyld must manage his relationships with various NPCs. The game offers a good deal of freedom in how to do this and as a result there are various paths through the game. There is no clear line between good and evil, making many of Scyld’s choices incredibly difficult.



The Wayward Isles will feature a truly immersive environment, not just in look, sound and atmosphere, but also in the culture of the Isles. The NPCs will have fully realised and unique ways of life, including superstitions, traditions and ceremonies for the player to observe. The player will be challenged to learn and negotiate the rules of society governed by strict family hierarchies and ritual feuds.

Ironheart will be using their own engine (Covert Engine) for the game and will be releasing for both PC and Mac, with the possibility of console versions to follow.