Nadia was Here wants you to plant a pixel art seed


Many RPG experiences that come out on Steam these days seem to adopt the 8/16 bit style; where that artistic route was enough to get the game’s proverbial foot in the door in the past, a lot more is required in 2017. This seems to be a challenge that JajabenGames, creators of the upcoming Nadia was Here, are planning to take on in full force.

First, let’s go over a little primer on what exactly Nadia was Here is. In this ambitious play on the 8 and 16 bit RPG titles of yesteryear, players will be introduced to a fresh battle system that is sure to keep them on their toes. Each battle is fast based and requires players to think on the spot and react to developing situations with on the fly character position swaps and drag-and-drop item usage. It can easily be said that this isn’t your grandparents RPG, as it entirely ditches the turn-based style that is so prevalent in the genre.

In addition to ditching the dusty old turn based system, Nadia was Here is also getting rid of the traditional way you level up your party. Nadia was Here is forgoing the standard system of grinding for exp, with a system that changes your characters skills based on what you make them learn in combat. At a glance one could compare this to Final Fantasy 2’s piecemeal progression, but Nadia was Here even differentiates itself from that. For example, your character will pickup skills from enemies and use that as their own, instead of Final Fantasy 2’s system of increasing a play style as you used it.


While changing up the battle and progression systems would seem well enough for most other indie RPGs on Steam, JajabenGames and Nadia was Here are setting themselves apart even more by holding an art competition before the release of the game. JajabenGames is calling all pixel art junkies to help create plants to be used in a side quest in the game that will confer bonuses to the player’s party. JajabenGames have stated that they are accepting the top 40 plant submissions and encourage potential plant makers to be as creative/funny/intriquing as they want with their work. The rules to submit are simple:

  • Use the Nadia was Here color palette on a 12×12 pixel image. The color palette can be found here.
  • Send the pixel art as a .png to [email protected] with the subject “I want to plant a seed in Nadia was Here
  • Submissions are due by May 17th, 2017.


This is a really cool way for a developer to really connect to their audience in an unexpected way and I’m excited to see some of the submitted works. I personally have always wanted to be a part of a videogame, so I will throw my hat in the ring before that due date closes. Nadia was Here will be available later this month on Steam; the store page for the game can be found here and the official contest statement can be found here.