Diablo III Necromancer makes a comeback



I love anti-heroes. A lot of us know and love them, and that’s what the experience of playing the Necromancer in Diablo III is supposed to feel like. While Necromancers represent the most darkest things in the world, their value as a hero can be seen clearly. They’re really between good and evil, stepping onto both sides of things. ┬áThe Necromancer’s roots hail from Diablo II and now five years later, Blizzard sees it fit to release this class back into the mix.

Some might ask why not, or why now? It is clear that now is as good as time as any to bring back an iconic class that many fans of Diablo know and love. Adding another class to a pre-existing game is hard work. Everything has to be checked to make sure the new class doesn’t mess up game mechanics when including other classes. The same creative team that brought players the set bonus that activates a high powered meteor shower spell every eight seconds for all types of elemental skills used.

What we see now is the idea of someone on the Diablo III team. They thought it would be a good idea to bring back Necromancer from Diablo II and see if they could make it fit within the faster-paced nature of Diablo III. Someone spread word that the team was recreating the Necromancer and soon there was an outpouring of support. This all came about when the team was looking for a way to celebrate Diablo‘s 20th anniversary. And that’s how the Necromancer has returned to the fray. I’d say that if I were a big fan of Diablo, I’d be really excited by now.