RiME creators release a new dev diary


I’ve been all aboard the RiME hype train ever since Tequila Works found new publishers back in January, and my excitement was flying high with the announcement of the official release date. Now, Tequila Works and Grey Box have released their latest Dev Diary for RiME that details a lot of design decisions that construct what the experience of the game will be. I’m a firm believer that while learning about games is cool, learning how they’re made is even cooler; knowledge is power, kids.

In this latest diary, the designers place a lot of focus in the first half explaining their mentality when approaching puzzles and how they tried to incorporate sound as much as possible into RiME. Game Designer, David Canela, states that in regards to the puzzle aspects of the game, “sound is a really important mechanic in RiME. The character interacts with objects that react to sound.” There are other nods to this in the soundtrack where it is stated that the music changes at different stages of the day/night cycle and gives each area a new feel in each time.

Another big talking point of the diary was in the design choices for the protagonist character. In regards to the behavior and look of the boy explorer, Lead Animator Sandra Christensen states that she “was looking at a lot of ‘Jungle Book’, because [she thinks] the character reminds [her] very much of the Mowgli character,” and that his movements are realistic, yet take heavy inspiration from classic Disney animation. For example, they wanted to capture the protagonist’s sense of youth in the way that he runs, so they went through about six different iterations of the run to get the right look to his movements.


Multiple shots of protagonist concepts

Overall, I think that RiME is shaping up to be an intriguing journey and this Dev Diary has done a great job in shedding more light onto more of the finer details, giving potential players a little taste test of the full experience. RiME can be all yours this month on May 26th on the PS4, the Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam. Switch owners are going to have to wait just a bit longer as that version is slated for a late summer 2017 release.