Amplitude Studios reveals the final faction for Endless Space 2 – “The Unfallen”


Endless Space 2 will be receiving a new player designed faction on May 19th, The Unfallen. Their empire is organized like a tree, with their home planet being the trunk, and every colony a branch. This gives the race a new twist in that their homeworld can not be lost. Just like a tree dies if you cut down the trunk, they can’t survive without their homeworld. It must be protected to win the game. Additionally, every colony must maintain contact with the homeworld. This restriction means that The Unfallen will be a slower type of play than other races, giving players who favor pacifism an advantage with this race.


In addition to their tree-like organization, The Unfallen will also have the ability to awaken guardians on the various worlds they colonize. This ability comes from their closeness to nature. These Guardians will provide benefits to The Unfallen, and penalties to their enemies.


You can watch The Unfallen prologue at this link:

For more information on how they were formed, check out this link for the making of video: