First Assassin’s Creed 2017 screenshot leaked!


I can say that when I first came across the Assassin’s Creed series, I wasn’t that impressed. Then a few years later and playing the games for myself, that assumption had been completely shattered. I went from a skeptic to a fan. I especially love Ezio’s stories, Black Flag, and Syndicate. Now you can only imagine the head tilt of surprise I did when I found out that a screenshot for this year’s possible title had been leaked.

Leaking screenshots is a guarantee to generate hype in a fan base, because everyone’s going to start guessing what it could mean for the game itself. We now have a screenshot from Assassin’s Creed 2017. Here is the screenshot below:


I’m pretty excited because that looks like the boats are making a return. I loved the boats in Black Flag, and I liked them in Rogue. Most of my shenanigans in those games were spent on the sea terrorizing ships. So this alone has me hype. What kind of craziness are they going to let us get into?

Still, the date for release is still uncertain. We didn’t see an Assassin’s Creed game last year. However, there is a fun little detail for the game now. One mission will have you “Assassinate the Crocodile.” I wonder if that Crocodile is a person or an actual crocodile? I’ll just have to wait and see, just like the rest of us. I hope Ubisoft gets it out to us soon.