Alan Wake to be removed from Steam!


There are some games that take us back to the times of old. And when I refer to times of old, I mean the times of having to advance along a story line completing objectives. In those times, we didn’t really have the freedom to explore anything outside the main points of the story a game’s developer wanted us to see. Alan Wake is one of those games that sticks to that old way of making games. It is a game that is loved by many gamers, especially for the great soundtrack that comes along with the game and its story.

However, that’s coming to a close very soon. How soon? This weekend soon. Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Alan Wake, have made an announcement about the game. They will be removing it from Steam due to music licences expiring. To get gamers to jump on the last chance they will have to add it to their libraries, Remedy Entertainment has organized a Sunset Sale. The game is on sale for 90% off starting on Saturday, May 13, 2017. Check out the original tweet here.


So if any of you want a last chance to grab this game, be on the lookout for it now!