Pizza Connection 3 is coming in Spring 2018


If you’ve ever found that just eating pizza wasn’t enough for you, then it’s time to celebrate because the long-awaited return of the cult series Pizza Connection is on its way to PC.


Pizza Connection 3 will feature not only a return to the series basics but will be host to a new set of features as well. You’ll play a 12 mission campaign that starts you on the streets of Rome and ends with you running the world’s number one pizza chain. You’ll achieve this goal through a variety of methods, including some corporate sabotage, should you be inclined that way.


Along the way, you’ll be able to create the pizzeria and pizza of your dreams. You’ll have access to over 75 ingredients to make the pizza that you want. And if a campaign isn’t you style you can enjoy the game’s free mode as well.

Pizza connection 3 will be available in spring 2018. Until then you’ll just have to settle for watching the trailer below.

Pizza Connection 3 is developed by German studio gentlymad and published by Assemble.

Be sure to check out the developer’s Facebook page for more info.