J!NX releases new Overwatch gear


Have you ever been out in the cold and thought to yourself, “What I really need is a sweet stylish Overwatch scarf,” or am I alone in that? Doesn’t matter, because now you can buy one along with a whole bunch of other bits of Overwatch apparel from Jinx.

Today, May 24, 2017, Overwatch turns 1. What better way to celebrate the occasion than by kitting yourself out in a full uniform of Overwatch clothing? Jinx has nailed the designs of these products, and they’re high quality vestments to begin with, which is the best combination possible.

The following are direct links to the Jinx pages from which you can buy any of these products:


Reaper Crew Neck Fleece:


Logo Scarf:


Logo Lounge Pants:


Inset Lounge Pants:


Performance Jersey:


Performance Shorts:


Logo Windbreaker:



But that’s just what’s brand new. The company also has a bunch of products they’ve come out with since the game released (which you can find here), and there is a whole series of upcoming products including a whole line of hoodies for several of the characters (mostly tanks).

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Overwatch, Jinx has a bunch of stuff from many franchises, including most of Blizzard’s library. Having never heard of this company prior to this Overwatch anniversary event, I have to say Jinx may be one of the few companies from which I would actually consider buying full-blown nerd-tier videogame apparel.