Little Nightmares hints at possible DLC in new trailer


It’s been roughly a month since the launch of Tarsier Studios’ creepily charming platformer Little Nightmares and things have been going well. Since its debut, sales have been in the top 5 on sales charts and reviews have been solid; you can actually read our review of Little Nightmares to find our deeper thoughts on the game. Little Nightmares is even a finalist for the 2017 Develop Awards in the New Games IP category; rubbing elbows with heavy hitters like Guerilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn and Playdead’s Inside. Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco are so proud of their raincoat clad little girl, that they created an all-new accolades trailer for the game. However, if you are a fan of Marvel movies, you’ll be conditioned to watch everything for a post-credits sting, which Little Nightmares delivers.

As you can see in the trailer, it’s fairly standard fare. Accolades, review scores, and clips of tense moments in the game. As a reviewer of Little Nightmares, I can confirm that everything seen is present in the retail version; that is, until the end of the video around the 55 second mark. We see a completely new character emerging into frame as the protagonist, Six, watches from a monitor. I played Little Nightmares multiple times over and I’ve not once seen this character or setting.

Little Nightmares DLC

To me, this is a very clear indicator that Tarsier Studios is teasing some form of DLC for the game. It completely makes sense too, seeing as Little Nightmares is already a very short, compact experience. Once the credits roll it leaves you begging for more. Pair that feeling with the successful sales and reviews, and you have a recipe for DLC success. If you’re a fan of Little Nightmares, you should keep an eye on Tarsier Studios. I have a strong feeling that we’re in for some form of expansion announcement soon.