The Culling coming to Xbox One soon


Have you ever watched the Hunger Games and thought, “This would be a great idea for a game if it wasn’t focused on killing kids”. Well, if you play on PC you have seen a couple of games that drop you into the battlefield with nothing and then force you to find anyway to survive/eliminate the others in the arena.

Xbox One owners get ready to fight for your life because one of those PC games, The Culling, will be coming to the Xbox One Game Preview program. The game takes that idea of having a number of people in a large arena fight to the death by any means necessary with the items they find in the wild, and makes it into a game show so that you can go on your killing spree and feel good about it.

In each match every player only gets one life so the tension is at full throttle from the start, and if you feel like going on a murderous rampage with a friend there will be a duos mode where you can team up with someone close for that special bonding experience.

Gamespot released the following trailer for The Culling, coming to Xbox Game Preview on June 2nd.

For those that do not know, the Xbox Game Preview Program will allow gamers to play through certain games while they are still in development. For past games in the program there has always been a trial you can use to give the game a try and if you want to you can purchase the game so that when the full product releases you own it.

You can read the Gamespot article here.