The horror! Medusa’s Labyrinth available on VR


Swedish developer Guru Games says their goal is “to create intense, story-focused experiences and games that you will play through in an evening but think about for a week”. Their first-person immersive horror game, Medusa’s Labyrinth, was released last year to positive reviews and has had over 250,000 downloads on Steam. Last week, they were excited to release the game for VR on Oculus Touch and HTC Vive.

“From the beginning we’ve always thought that Medusa’s Labyrinth would be a terrifying experience on VR”, said CEO of Guru Games, Daniel Strom. “It’s a great use of the technology to completely immerse you in this creepy environment and really make you jump out of your skin.” The Guru Games team really goes out of their way to make this experience as captivating to the player as possible, forgoing health bars and inventory screens for more simple, realistic mechanics such as visually checking a quiver to see if there are any remaining arrows. This is sure to make the VR experience even more intense.

Combining elements from myths and legends, Medusa’s Labyrinth brings to life a beautiful temple from Ancient Greece. As you explore, you find that it is inhabited by monsters and littered with pieces of a dark tale of a father and daughter. Who are you, and why are you compelled to search the temple and the labyrinthine tunnels beneath it when even the Gods seem to have abandoned it? You’ll have to use stealth and cunning to find the answers.

Medusa’s Labyrinth VR is available through Steam for 9.99€/£6.99/$9.99. You can learn more by visiting the game’s Steam page or the Guru Games website.