GTA V Online: Gunrunning update out now


I’m a little surprised, actually, that this sort of criminal activity hasn’t arrived on the notorious multiplayer arm of Grand Theft Auto V sooner. The latest in a long series of free content-based updates for the game, Gunrunning has a pretty self-explanatory title, though the name does miss some of the finer points of this behemoth of an update. So what’s it all about?

As unassuming a concrete Bunker as you could ever hope for.

Making money, mostly. You’ll need a grab yourself a Bunker before you can begin running guns – these cost between $1.4 – $2.4 million GTA dollars for the basic underground facility, plus an equally extortionate amount for optional extras such as living quarters, a firing range, or internal decor. I bought the cheapest bunker for $1.4 million, then added the most expensive decor for around $200,000; what you have to bear in mind is that you’re paying for proximity to Los Santos.

After that, it’s just a case of stealing/buying supplies and letting your staff do the legwork, a little like the MC contraband production. The supply missions are varied, often challenging, but usually more enjoyable than those offered by the CEO special cargo work – one had me stealthily disposing of enemies whilst searching for the supply crate, whilst another involved stealing a tank and (in my case, because my Bunker is so far from anything) using the sluggish Cargobob to deliver it to my facility.

Yeah. The new motorbikes have wings, and a jet engine.

The Gunrunning update also brings with it a ton of new kit. On the vehicle front, expect to see armoured and weaponized APCs, anti-aircraft trailers, muscle cars, and motorbikes, each ready to be customised courtesy of the new Mobile Operations Centre; this massive articulated truck is a moving Bunker in its own right, and can be modified with personal quarters, vehicle storage, and a command centre for running jobs. All for a mere $1.6 million.

Several of the current weapons have had a total overhaul, with brand new Mk. II variants that offer new ammo types – hollow point, incendiary, armour piercing – attachment options, and decals. To unlock these new weapons, you’ll need a Bunker, and staff that have been assigned to the ‘research’ option (as opposed to simply making you cash). You won’t need a Bunker to grab the new wearable ballistic gear, however, or any of the new vehicles.

Gunrunning also brings a whole new set of fashion items, to be purchased at any clothes store – kit yourself out in camouflage attire, if you’re into that sort of thing. You’ll also receive an exclusive Rockstar Class of ’98 tee for buying a Bunker. The update also lowers the requirements for registering as a VIP to a Maze bank account with at least $50,000, to allow the GTA Online paupers to experience the high life. *snorts derisively*

Obviously, the Gunrunning update also includes a long list of bug fixes and other patches, which you can find in more detail here. Even more obviously, the Gunrunning update is free for anyone and everyone with a copy of Grand Theft Auto.