Ancient Amuletor launches for PSVR


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a spot of tower defence. There’s something rather satisfying about utterly and strategically obliterating waves of enemies. What may well make this even more satisfying, however, is the ability to do it in virtual reality. This is exactly the case with Time of Virtual Reality’s Ancient Amuletor.

Ancient Amuletor is now available on the Playstation Network and PS Plus users will be able to grab a lovely 20% discount on this title for the first month of launch. Even better, you can still get a 5% discount even if you don’t subscribe.

So, what can you expect from the game then? Well, Ancient Amuletor is a pick-up-and-play action tower defence game created for VR by developers TiGames. You and up to two of your friends will be launched into the ancient world to battle waves of monsters and magical creatures. You’ll travel to Rome, Egypt and beyond meeting characters and enjoying environments inspired by comic-style art.

Whether you’re playing alone or with friends you will be able to choose from a roster of four unique heroes, namely The Gunner, Archer, Puppeteer and Mage. Each of these classes offers its own unique play-style allowing you to choose which fits your own best.

It’s always nice to see another addition to the PSVR library and for you TD nuts out there what can be better than actually getting your kills in person? Well sort of … If you want to lend your imagination to this new release you know exactly where you need to look.