Rocket League gets schwifty, becomes X sport


It’s been a big week for everyone’s favourite supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle cars. Psyonix’s smash hit Rocket League has been branching out all over the place, it seems, courtesy of the snowball effect caused by a whopping 5-and-a-half million gamers who have decided that ordinary football (soccer) just ain’t good enough.

The spate of expansion actually began at E3 a couple of weeks ago, where Psyonix revealed that Rocket League would soon be available on Nintendo’s latest console, the remarkably popular Switch. Then earlier this week, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, creators of Rick and Morty, stirred their fan-base into a veritable frenzy by vaguely hinting at an announcement that would be made at the end of the week.

An announcement arrived, but it was a day too soon, and had nothing to do with the elusive season 3. It was, in fact, the news that the transdimensional champions in witty one-liners and existential angst will be joining the Rocket League world as new cosmetic items to be earned in-game. New toppers – Mr Meeseeks, a Cromulon, and Mr “Safety in Acronyms” PBH – as well as a new trail, new rims, and a Morty antenna are an example of what you’ll be able to unlock simply by playing online or offline matches.

This news comes as the Rocket League second anniversary update draws near, promising new vehicles, a new arena, and new ways to customise your engine noise and goal explosion (among many, many other things). For those of you hugely disappointed by this Rick and Morty reveal, fear not: there will be another, more stupendous, announcement on Friday.

In other news, Rocket League has taken a giant leap forward on the eSports front. Developer Psyonix announced today that their soc-car game will be an official event during this year’s Summer X Games. Historically designed for extreme real-world sports, I’m interested to see if a bunch of plucky individuals attempt to play the game for real… Just kidding!

In collaboration with eSports platform Faceit, this new addition to the X games line-up is designed to drag virtual competition into the limelight a little, and is not the first time an eSport has featured on the roster: previous years have seen entries from everything from Halo to Call of Duty. The event will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, between July 13-16th, and will be broadcast on ESPN 3. Competitors will be fighting for a slice of a $75,000 prize pool, as other athletes go head-to-head in disciplines like skateboarding, BMX, and motocross.

For more information on the Rick and Morty update, head here. This, and the rest of the anniversary update, is due to land on console and PC on July 5th, so check back then for a full break-down of new features.