First look at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new map


For a game with a title that fits in the mouth like a poorly mounted set of braces, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become an instant sensation within the PC gaming community. Last month, the 100-player Battle Royale shooter broke through the 4 million sales barrier, despite being in pre-release testing phase (and despite not even existing except as a mod for Arma 3 not 6 months ago). I’m stunned that not one single developer has quite managed to nail this corner of the PvP genre in quite this manner until now, but hey: the guy that composed Four Thirty-Three caused an avalanche simply because no-one had ever thought to write a totally silent piece of music.


Battlegrounds is receiving plenty of care and attention from its developers over at Bluehole studios, with weekly updates that alternate between bug fixes and more substantial, content based releases. At E3 in June, PlayerUnknown himself announced a host of upcoming features, including a zombie survival mode a la H1Z1 as well one of many new weapons, and, most crucially, 2 new maps: one in set in a snowy tundra, the other, a cactus-dotted desert.


The maps are particularly significant at this moment in time because PlayerUnknown tweeted yesterday that he’d been to visit Bluehole’s Madison offices and had come away with some work-in-progress pictures of one of those new maps. Check. Them. Out.


Oh, oh, and this one:


Well, it’s obviously not the tundra, but this new desert environment is already shaping up to be that much more interesting than the current Eastern-European themed map – these pictures alone display potential environmental threats in the form of cacti, as well as a train-track (with a moving train on it? Here’s hoping!) as well as a seemingly pristine bicycle poking out from behind a building.

These lobbies, they get wild.


There has been no word of a release date as of yet, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is constantly brimming with new content, so you’ll certainly be kept busy with new weaponry, weather, and mantle mechanics while you wait. In the mean time, keep those chicken dinners rolling in.