Comedy comes to Steam with West of Loathing


As gamers I think it can be said that we take our art rather seriously, maybe even sometimes a little more seriously than we should. This being said it’s always nice when a game comes along to lighten things up a bit. This is exactly going to be the case with West of Loathing, set to be released on Steam in August.

Coming from the team that created The Kingdom of Loathing MMO, West of Loathing is a sprawling, wild-west themed single player RPG. Expect a massive open world adventure brimming with stories, saloons, side quests and shenanigans.

West of Loathing will see you take the role of one of three character classes. These range from the incredibly seriously named Cow Puncher, through the equally demure Beanslinger, to the downright austere Snake Oiler. See what I mean? Silly. This is all just so wonderfully daft that when you add a choice of no less than 50 hats and general stat boosting junk you’re going to have one hell of a character on your hands. With said character you can go out and make friends(or frenemies) of travelers you meet on your way through the game. Whether you’re shoveling cow dung, drinking whiskey or running from the law this is likely to be a thoroughly mirthsome ride.

If all of this is perking your attention and poking your funny bone you only need to wait till next month. Of course you’ll also need PC, Linux or Mac and a copy of Steam but that’s no big deal for the kicks right?

As a sneaky little side-note if you happen to be an iOS junky, (and there’s nothing wrong with that,) you can expect to see this game appearing on your device at some later point in time. Definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled and your spurs handy for when it does.

This genuinely looks like something that those of us with a love of pure silliness could get to grips with. I think I’ll be getting my giggle on with the rest of you and reporting back later, you know, once I’ve caught my breath and all that.