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The late 90s to early 2000s was an interesting time in children’s television. Kids were running around with giant robots, playing cards, and metal tops to save the world. Giant monsters duked it out every weekend. Spandex was the strongest clothing known to man. Yes, it truly was a great time to be alive. Among those spandex heroes was the wildly popular Power Rangers series; based on the Super Sentai series from Japan, Power Rangers combined the morals and lessons of an after school special with over-the-top action to make a show that both parents and kids approved. With action-packed plots lines that had kids dealing with bullies, parent’s expectations, and feeling like you don’t measure up, Saban’s long-running series still holds a special place in many hearts, a fondness that Chroma Squad is more than willing to tap into.



Behold Studios’ Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG geared towards rehashing the fun and cheesiness of the first season of Power Rangers. When a bunch of stunt doubles realize that they do all the work and receive little reward, they ban together to make their own Power Rangers-inspired show. Complete with an abandoned warehouse, cool props made out of cardboard, and some silly dialog, the Chroma Squad is born! Your goal is simple, take your indie start up theater and make something amazing with it that the fans will love. Then, hope the fans will share it with their friends.



The main thing that you are going to be doing in Chroma Squad is producing episodes of your TV show in order to get more fans and more funding. This element of gameplay plays out with you getting sponsors, running ads, and setting up campaigns in order to keep your fandom happy. After every battle or “episode,” you can upgrade your rouge stuntman with better body suits, weapons, and abilities. Adding stuff to your studio will upgrade everyone’s skills.



Early on in the game, you have to pick your team of five rangers. Each ranger has different skills, bonuses, and play styles that changes up the dynamic of your team. It is a good idea to have a combination of ranged, brute force, and healing classes in order to have all of you bases covered. Make sure to buy the correct weapon for each ranger or you will be going into each battle at a slight disadvantage.



Combat is one of the most interesting things about Chroma Squad;  the spotlight is on teamwork and strategic gameplay. Every battle takes place on a grid, and each of your rangers have two actions in their turn. Combination attacks can be preformed by moving your team in front of an enemy and having them wait by using the “teamwork” action. The more rangers you have using teamwork, the bigger the combination attack. However, you have to remember that this is television, and you have to keep the audience happy. I did notice that is was a little difficult to see who you had selected sometimes as the environments tend to be colorful. You will have directors notes during every episode that you can follow to get extra fans and items. But you have to be mindful of the actions you take as doing something like launching a finishing move that doesn’t kill an enemy can backfire on your ratings.



Getting better ratings and making it to later seasons of your show will unlock new options for your studio; additionally, random events can change the course of your show and the money that you make. All that coupled with the bite-sized nature of the story and what you’re left with is a game that is perfect for the casual and hardcore gamers alike. Chroma Squad is a fun trip to the 90s wrapped in all the Super Sentai goodness that you remember. And, with it also being on iOS, you can take all that action on the go.




This review is based on a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher.

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Lets Kick Some Giga Butt!!

Chroma Squad is a delightful Tactical RPG chalked full of references, cheesy one-liners, and over the top plots that would make a Saturday morning cartoon proud. It has slight control issues but they barely distract from the engaging gameplay.