REVIEW / Loot Crate (June 2017)


At this point, I don’t think I need to explain what Loot Crate is to all of you. But since they are now sponsoring Comedy Bang Bang, I figure there might be some new people curious about it. So, for those new to the party, Loot Crate is a subscription service that sends over a box full of (usually exclusive) geeky items each month. For June, the theme was “Alter Ego”, and that means a lot of superhero-related items. So, without further ado, let’s get to the items.


Spider-Man Q Fig

Man, Loot Crate has been going all out with the Marvel Q-Figs lately. First we had Jessica Jones, then Rocket and Groot, and now we have Spider-Man. No doubt included in reference to Spidey’s upcoming movie, the figure has the hero suspended upside down from a light post. This exclusive variant has him in black and white, which the box portrays as being a newspaper picture. It’s a clever way to make the black and white variant more interesting, I’ll give them that. I also like how Spidey is actually suspended below the pole by his webs; he swings around a bit, which is a nice touch. This is probably one of the better Q-Figs, and it’s a universally loved character. The black and white may not be exciting, but it does set the figure apart on my shelf. Full marks for this one.


Hulk Bowl

Now we go from the best of the best to the worst of the worst. It’s a green plastic bowl with a print of some fingers on it. That’s it. Presumably they are the Hulk’s fingers, but since the whole bowl is the same color, they could just be a black and white picture of anyone’s fingers. So it’s a bowl with a really boring design. If I have to give them credit for something, the bowl is made of very high quality plastic. But that’s all they’re getting out of me. This is almost worse than the pencils we got a couple of months ago. At least those were clearly tied to something. This is really just a bowl with some fingers on it. I don’t understand how anyone thought this was even worth making, let alone including in a subscription box. It’s crazy.


DC Comics Print Collection


They call it a “poster collection,” but each one is smaller than a letter size piece of paper, so I think my description is a better fit. They’re basically big post cards, around the size of an iPad Mini, featuring high quality prints of cover and other art from DC’s “New 52” line. And say what you will about the comics themselves; there is a lot of great art here I’ve already put a few of these up on my wall, particularly ones featuring The Flash. It also functions as a nice art book if you leave the “posters” in there. That said, I wish it was a little bit bigger; even as prints go, they’re pretty small. I would have preferred fewer and bigger prints. I also wish these used art from DC’s newer line, Rebirth. Either way, if you’re a DC fan (and I am), it’s a nice set of artwork.


Transformers T-shirt

You know how I keep saying I wish they wouldn’t do a shirt every month because I rarely wear T-shirts? That isn’t the case anymore, so I’m glad this one is good. It’s a light blue shirt showing Optimus Prime’s transformation in four parts, using the original G1 design and art style. Now, I’m not the biggest 80s Transformers fan, but I do like Optimus Prime. As such, despite the retro art style, I really like this shirt. I’m also happy it isn’t another black shirt; I have way too many of those.


Jekyll and Hyde Pin

The pin and digital item aren’t super exciting this time around. I suppose if you’re into classical literature or monster movies, though, you might appreciate it. It is at least a cool design, and something a bit different. And as always, it’s very high quality. The digital content is unrelated though; it’s a code to unlock the classic Green Ranger in the free to play mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. The game is nothing to write home about, but it’s not as bad as many free to play games in its use of microtransactions and the like. If you’re a Power Rangers fan, it’s worth checking out. And as I love the Green Rangers, I’m happy I’ll be able to use him without microtransactions.


I can’t get over how stupid the bowl is. It’s the only failure in what is otherwise a very successful crate, but it’s a big failure. That said, the shirt and the figure make up for it, and if you like DC, the print collection is nice too. The value is pretty good this month as well; even the bowl is something that would likely cost more than a few bucks on its own. I am sort of tired of superhero stuff, but the good news is, July’s theme is “Animation.” The box will feature items from Rick & Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Futurama. Only the second is new to Loot Crate, but I’m really excited about the other three. If you want your own, check out The main crate comes out to about  $20 with shipping, and there are specialty boxes available too.


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+ Cool figure
+ Mini-posters
+ Unusual pin
+ Good shirt design
– That stupid bowl
– Overused properties