Xbox Achievements receiving “fundamental changes”


As a guy who has in the past been called an “achievement whore”, I was really excited to see the news that Xbox’s achievement system will be receiving further “fundamental changes”. Looking at what they are talking about, it does not seem it will affect myself much as a gamer.

It seems that the changes are aimed more at people who play less games, but play them a lot. For example, if someone were to buy only a couple of games a year and only played those they would not receive much gamerscore. What Xbox is looking at here, is to find a way to celebrate those players more, to show off their accomplishments aside from the specific challenges each achievement tracks. How that will happen, I have no idea, but we will see.

As it stands now, every Xbox One game has a max gamerscore of 1,000 no matter how big or small the game. The developer can add on more if they feel the need to, usually by means of DLC, but not in every case. This means for people who do not buy a lot of games, they do not have a great chance to increase their gamerscore or have anything to show for the many hours they have put into a single game.

Personally, I try and get as many achievements in a game as I can, if I like the game enough I definitely try to get all 100% of them. The thing is though, throughout the course of the year I buy multiple games to play on my Xbox. I also have a Gold membership so I receive the free Games with Gold every month which allows me to grow my gamerscore regularly. Not everyone can do that. There are quite a few people out there who play only one or two games a year and that is all they can play so Microsoft looking to reach those people more through achievements just sounds like another good PR move on their side.

At the time of this writing, I sit at a gamerscore of 144737. I love going for achievements and have bought small indie games in the past just to get in some easy achievement hunting. Also it has helped me play games longer than I normally would have because it presents a clear objective for me to pursue (looking at you The Division). Hopefully whenever these changes make their way in it will allow gamers the chance to further show off everything they have achieved.

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