Rock of Ages 2 rolls onto Steam, Xbox One and PS4


You can’t beat a bit of weird. As gamers we tend to be drawn to the odd, wacky, and out-right insane. If there’s something not quite right about what we need to do you can be damn sure that most of us will want to do it. Speaking of mad as a box of frogs … who remembers a strange little game from back in 2011 called Rock of Ages? If you do and loved it you’ll be rather pleased to hear that thanks to ACE Team’s efforts Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder has been released for Steam, Xbox One and PS4.

If you’re wanting to get your rock on, (sorry,) you’ll be able to find the game in stand-alone digital format but also as a bundle for Steam and PS4 owners. The bundle will contain the game and the Classic Pack DLC, featuring the smiley boulder, Sisyphus avatar and three army banners. As part of this set you’ll also get a copy of the original Rock of Ages. The Classic Pack can of course be bought separately for those of you who may already have a copy of the first game. If you have Steam and go for the Classic Pack you’ll even get a copy of the soundtrack thrown in for good measure.

Speaking of DLC you can also grab your free copy of the Binding of Isaac Pack. This DLC bundle contains a very special Isaac boulder, three avatars in the shape of Isaac, Azazel and Blue Baby and three Isaac-themed banners. You’ll be wanting to get this quickly as it’s only available for the first four weeks of release and will be available with all purchases of the game.

So what needs to be crushed beneath your rocky heel then? Art history obviously! You will find yourself helping Atlas as he smashes his way through various eras of art looking for a very important something that he’s lost. As you steamroller everything in your wake there is one very important think to remember. Fortune favours the boulder.

In your quest you’ll find yourself exploring lavishly developed artistic worlds as you smash your foes and crush famous figures into obscurity. Expect new stages, characters, units and, of course, boulders. ACE Tean have also revamped the multiplayer system so even more players can experience the pure joy of smashing everything in sight with a large, fast moving, lump of rock. This being said you can play either locally or online with upto four of your friends, with each team getting it’s own customisable colours and banners. These modes feature a two vs. two war mode enabling you to see which set of boulders is the hardest. If you just want to prove your superiority then the multiplayer obstacle course may be just the way to do it.

Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder is an interesting mix of tower defence, racing and art history lesson. With a concoction like that it’s hard not to be at least a bit interested in seeing just what this title is all about. When you add in a nice big dose of Python-esque humour this is definitely a recipe that could be a serious winner.