Songbringer arrives on PC and Console


As gamers we all have our own thing. The world would be a really boring place if we all liked the same genres. From the point of view of a game development team, however, this can be a massive pain in the behind. You want the maximum number of people playing your game and are therefore walking a bit of a tightrope when you begin blending styles and genres to acheive that goal. This isn’t just one of my usual rambling bits of uselessness. Songbringer is now available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 and this is a wonderful example of someone doing a good job of crossing boundaries.

Songbringer is an 8 bit, procedurally generated RPG and has been inspired by the original Zelda games. See what I mean about catering to the masses? When you think about it, that’s actually three genres being looked after right there and this has come from the clever soul that is Nathanael Weiss of Wizard Fu. Literally … all of it. He’s the entire team. The title has been available on Steam and from the Xbox Store for a few days now but was only released for us PS4 addicts yesterday.

Now this is where I’d normally give you a bit of an overview of what this game is and what it’s about. For a change I can actually go one better. My mate here on the TVGB team Albert E. reviewed this title very recently and he’ll probably do a more in-depth job at telling you all about it than I will. As an added extra you’ll be able to see what he thought of the game and maybe decide whether you’re going to go out and play it for yourself. You’ll find his review sitting neatly on the homepage but if you can’t be bothered mucking about with the back button (and I don’t blame you, you haven’t finished reading my ramblings), you can find his story here.

If for any reason you’re not up for reading the review (shame on you by the way, it’s very well written), you play as the character of Roq, a space-faring planetary surveyor who wakes up shirtless on the strange world of Ekzera. With the help of your robot companion Jib you must piece together what’s happened and save the universe from the evil, ancient army you’ve accidentally awoken by stealing The Nanosword.

With 7 kinds of weapon to play with, hundreds of unique items and powerups and a metric fuck-ton of secrets, hidden pathways and bombable walls, there will be plenty here to get your juices flowing. Oh and did I mention that the world is procedurally generated from a six letter seed word? Songbringer is offering you multiple adventures each with between six and twelve hours play time. This seems like a really good value for your money.

Songbringer is just screaming for replayability and seems like a really interesting prospect. If you’re a fan of the whole 8 bit retro thing, or rogue likes, or RPGs then this might be right up your street. Of course, if you want a crash course in any of the above genres then this is a good way of having a crack at a blend of all three.