NES Classic Edition coming back in 2018


A year after the NES Classic Edition was the hottest sought out item of the Christmas season, Nintendo announced today that the tiny throwback system will be making a return to America and Europe in 2018. Slated to be coming back in the summertime, the NES Classic was constantly sold out last year, with scalpers selling the consoles on Ebay for hundreds more than the retail price.

Nintendo did not specify if this will be the same exact console sold last year or if there will be any improvements or changes made to it. One of the big criticisms last year was that the controller’s cords were too short, and there was a way to add more games onto the console that obviously Nintendo did not intend to happen. If there are a few changes to the new shipments of NES Classics I would assume it would still sell for its original $60 price tag.

With the SNES Classic about to come out and the same fears of stock issues that fueled the search for the NES Classic present, this might be an indication of what could happen in the years to come if you don’t receive the new retro console. I know missing out on the SNES Classic is one thing I am currently worrying about after missing preorders a few weeks ago.

Regardless, the NES Classic will be making a return next summer with hopefully enough stock this time to go around so everyone who still wants one can get one. In all honesty, after the release of the SNES Classic this fall I am not sure how big the demand will be for the older games again, but usually nostalgia breaks through so I would not be surprised to see a big demand once again.

You can check out Gamespot’s post on the situation here.