Ubisoft announces Atomega, a new shooter


Titanic videogame publishing company Ubisoft have just revealed a brand new game. Does anyone else find that weird? No publicity stunts, no E3 sneak previews, not even a press release to let us know that something was in the pipeline. Just, BANG, here’s Atomega, we hope you like it.

To be quite frank, I’m a little offended.

Atomega is – according to the website, which presumably didn’t exist until yesterday either – a FPS shooter set at the dwindling end of our universe. Take control of an Exoform, a distant cousin of the human being with a desire to grow, fight, and dominate. Whether you choose to battle it out with other players or avoid conflict altogether, the goal is the same: collect as much mass as you can – and as many points as you can – within the time limit to win. Rounds last 10 minutes, and will all take place within arenas a little like Quake. 

Collecting mass allows your Exoform to evolve, and I quote, “from nimble Atom to Godlike Omega (hence, Atomega).” In practice, this means changing from a single cube all the way up to a collection of cubes resembling a giant humanoid, with extra steps in between. If this is making no sense to you, check out the trailer below:

Atomega has been created and developed by Reflections studio, a Ubisoft partner responsible for indie hits Grow Home and Grow Up. Judging by the trailer, it’s not hard to see why the press release described Atomega as having been constructed with “a creatively experimental mindset.”

It’s whacky, it’s off-the-wall, and it’s arriving on Steam on September 19th. Yup. In less than a week, Atomega will be available for download, and that’s not all. The game is priced at a meagre $10 USD, meaning you can become an Exoform for half the price of… well, whatever costs $20 over in the States.