Assassin’s Creed Origins DLC Discovery Tour: It’s a history lesson after all!


Education is the best weapon. Assassin’s Creed Origins’ new upcoming DLC will certainly support this ideal.  The player will delve into the ancient Egyptian setting within the game mode Discovery Tour. This free piece of DLC launches early 2018, so we won’t have to worry about the hole in our pockets after getting Origins.

AC Origins Discovery Tour Horses

What can we expect?

Developed by Ubisoft, the Assassin’s Creed franchise started in 2007. The tenth major installment had now dropped after ten years. It seems like the series has been with us forever, but we don’t tire of it. Furthermore, this DLC turns Origins into an interactive history lesson, which will be sure to please many keen fans. It’s been in development for two years and Ubisoft did a good job keeping it under wraps. Kudos. In any case, Discovery Tour essentially avoids combat. Gone will also be the narrative of the main campaign. Instead, the practicalities of mummification and Cleopatra’s life will replace it. Players are able to traverse through famed locations such as Alexandria and the Nile Delta, and many more. The tour has been brought to life, primarily with the use of audio narration and drawings.

This, and the tale of the opposition between Templars and Assassins alike from the construction of the pyramids, will be included. The open-world restoration of ancient Egypt will feel more realistic and bring about a fresher take on AC-type exploration.



Ever wondered how corpses were mummified? I had always been curious to know. Discovery Tour is a game mode that will exhibit the detailed process of mummifications during the era of BC. It will definitely be a very educational journey for the players. They will watch people and animals work and live their lives during this time. Hopefully, the DLC will almost be as immersive as physically going back in time!

Ubisoft previously received backlash from players for the factual inaccuracies of AC Unity. It had caused so much upset that the developers had to resort to openly telling the public that the game is “not a history lesson”. Could this have inspired the contents of Discovery Tour? Whatever the answer is to that, we are looking forward to this game mode as players. Historians and Egyptologists alike had been asked to contribute knowledge during the development process. This is to ultimately add accuracy. It would be like walking around an open-world museum, with little to no hostility. No need to worry about practically carrying a target around your back – phew!



There has always been the question of whether videogames (which address history in a way) should be used for educational purposes. Discovery Tour is most definitely not exempt from this argument. Those who disagree have called games such as these ‘gimmicks’ more than anything. Realistically, we will not know until the DLC arrives. In any case, I do admire the sentimental idea that it is intending to deliver. Assassin’s Creed is widely known for being conveyed back through time to witness key events in history.

Discovery Tour will allow us to look back into ancient Egypt and still have the power to entice young minds. Because whether we’d like to admit it or not, there had always been a time in the classroom where we’d rather be anywhere but there. What’s not to like with a videogame that will immerse and captivate you in a time far before our own?