Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown headed to Steam Early Access


The Germany-based videogame and software developer Crytek, responsible for the Crytek gaming engine as well as the Crysis series and the first installment of Far Cry, have announced that Hunt: Showdown will have a Steam Early Access release. Hunt: Showdown is a first person game with bounty hunting elements. The gameplay will be of a competitive PVP nature while also leaning heavily on PVE elements. Hunt producer Faith Ozbayram opted for an early access release in order to deliver the game as quickly as possible to players. In doing so, Faith would like to “work closely with the community to continue to shape the direction of the game.”

Throughout the Early Access run of Hunt: Showdown, creative director Magnus Larbrant vows further additions to the game from Crytek. These additions will include “more gear, more traits, crafting and further map variations.” Crytek is committed to working with the gaming community in order to deliver the best gaming experience possible with Hunt. Hunt: Showdown will deliver match-based gameplay which will mesh PVP and PVE elements in order to create a tense atmosphere for players. Each team will set out during a match to track targets. Once a target is defeated, that team receives a bounty. In doing so, that team instantly becomes a target for other players as they attempt to leave the map with their bounty. The player’s character and gear are always in jeopardy as death is permanent.

An early access release date will be available soon.