Steven Universe: Save the Light gets Halloween release


In the midst of a hiatus, Steven Universe fans have something to celebrate. Cartoon Network has officially given a release date for the highly-anticipated RPG, Save the Light. Similar to Final Fantasy with its turn-based mechanics, Save the Light implements the world of the popular modern cartoon, Steven Universe. The game is set to release just in time for Halloween. The PS4 North American & Latin American release date is October 31st, and the Xbox One global release date is November 3rd.

steven universe save the light 1

Steven Universe has quickly become one of the most highly-praised cartoons of the 21st century. With its unique story-telling and multi-layered characters, it was just a matter of time until a videogame was made. However, this is not the first Steven Universe based adventure RPG. Save the Light is actually a sequel to the 2015 mobile game Steven Universe: Attack the Light! With the mobile games success, it quickly became apparent that fans of the series wanted a fully-fleshed out game. Finally, developer Grumpyface and Cartoon Network made the official announcement at PAX East that the made-for-console game would release in 2017.

The game draws its unique design from games like Paper Mario. The 2.5 dimensional style allows players to explore the the world of Steven Universe through depth perception. Developers use this as tool to give the player a more immersive gaming experience. Fans of the series will appreciate this aspect because it allows them to participate in a universe they normally can only interact with beyond the fourth wall.

steven universe save the light great north

This new game has several aspects that distinguish it from its predecessor. Save the Light features an original storyline created in association with showrunner, Rebecca Sugar. The game seems to go into more depth with the story than the original mobile game. Along with the more detailed story, players will explore a variety of locations seen throughout the show: Beach City, Strawberry Battlefields, the Great North and more.

steven universe save the light upgrade screen

In addition, players can discover familiar characters from the show. Included in this edition are newcomers Connie, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and Greg Universe. The game also includes a robust upgrade system for each character, which leads to new abilities and craftable gear over time.

One very interesting thing the game uses to its advantage is the combo team attacks during battle phases. When facing off against foes, players can unleash powerful team attacks to defeat enemies. Fans of the show know these combos as character-combining fusions that make gems tougher in battle. The most recent scenes from the game showcase two additional fusion team-ups accessible in the game. Smokey Quartz (Steven and Amethyst) and Sugilite (Garnet and Amethyst) expand the team, and thus, the realm of possibilities when engaging in battle.

steven universe save the light sugilite fusion

Steven Universe: Save the Light will be available for preorder digitally for Xbox One gamers beginning October 23rd. To get further updates as the official release date approaches, follow Cartoon Network on Twitter.