Question of the Month – October 2017


Before we begin here I wanted to give a big thank you to anyone who helped out my family by sharing or donating to the GoFundMe for my sister. It is the reason this post is a few days late. For those who do not know, she was riding her bike to work when she was struck by a car in a 55 mph zone. She has been in a coma since Friday, with multiple breaks and fractures in her neck, spine, leg, and foot. Her brain has been enduring increasing pressure and bleeding and to be honest, it does not look like she is going to make it. If anyone would still like to donate you can HERE. I see none of the donations. It is not set up by me and it completely goes to my dad and step-mom to help pay for medical bills and funeral expenses. Even just a dollar helps out a lot and is appreciated and a HUGE thank you to Arthur and the That VideoGame Blog team for making a post over the weekend to help my family out.

Now, back to the greatest distraction in my life, videogames. On October 27th, Super Mario Odyssey is being released, bringing us an exciting, new Mario adventure. So with this in mind, my question for TVGB’s team is….

What is your favorite Mario game?

For their answers, any game that you can PLAY as Mario is on the table.

Alex Southgate, Author

Now I never was a big Nintendo fan. Put the claws away; there’s a reason for this. Back in the console wars days I was definitely all the way behind a certain blue hedgehog. It was my best friend at the time that had the NES and SNES and the Mario game I seem to remember enjoying most was Super Mario 3. I think this was because it felt so much bigger than the previous two games. I seem to remember us sitting down together and finishing it between us, as well. When you’re about 12, finishing a game is a credit, or certainly used to be when you weren’t doing it just to get achievements. Don’t get me wrong, some of the new games have been brilliant, but I’m a traditionalist, so it’s definitely 3 for me.

Derek Danielewski, Author

‘Pure’ Mario game = SMB3
‘Non-pure’ = Mario Kart
On balance, I probably had slightly more fun with Mario Kart.

Jake Sapir, Editor

That’s a tough one. Mario 64 is an absolute classic and the pinnacle of gaming nostalgia for me. I think I’ve probably spent more hours with Sunshine than anything else. But the Mario game that impresses me the most regardless of when it came out is probably Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Albert Eres, Senior Author

My favorite Mario game would be the classic Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. That game is what introduced me to the world of videogames.

Garrett Holton, Author

Super Mario Sunshine, without a doubt. Mainly for nostalgia reasons. The story and the atmosphere are what I remember the most. Not everyone’s fave, but I thought it was rad.

Ken Kee, Author

I’d have to say Super Mario 64. I’m not calling it the best by any means, but it was the Super Mario experience that was most memorable for me in my youth.

Zack Mellen, Author

Oh, I’d have to say Super Mario Galaxy!

Alyssa Vaughn, Author

My favorite Mario game is Super Paper Mario. I really loved solving the puzzles with the different Pixl powers and the weird Bill Lumbergh-style minion Nastasia.

Brian Corliss, Author

My favorite Mario game is Super Mario Galaxy. Now, I feel like I am committing some sort of journalistic Hari-Kari when I admit that Galaxy was the first dedicated Mario game that I actually purchased. In my defense, I was 17, and in another defense I may have played others through less than Nintendo-friendly means. This will be redacted I’m sure, you guys are cool, right?

Anyway. Buying a Mario game! That was something; Mario is a staple, it’s like a new Pixar movie or a Rockstar game, you don’t need to know or see much about it to know that it’s going to be a fantastic and surprising ride. So there I was, giddy to play my first true Mario experience, and it’s Mario gosh-dang Galaxy. Unknown to me at that moment, but that would be a pivotal moment in my understanding of videogames, enjoyment, and games as art. Galaxy is an incredible, textbook, sublime, near perfect representation of game design. It is intricate as it is simplistic, silly as it is heartfelt, and fun is its extracted, purest form.

Galaxy to me is one of those “boy I wish I could forget all about it, just to experience it fresh again.” There is simply nothing like it… well, except, for that–you know… really amazing sequel…

Chrissy Hoff, Author

Super Mario World! If my Super Nintendo hadn’t melted internally, I’d probably still play that game on a regular basis.

Cody Shults, Editor

My favorite Mario game is Super Mario 64. I know I spent countless hours on Super Mario 3 as a kid, playing through the game an exponential amount of time. However, the experience of Mario in 3D was amazing at the time it was released. I fondly remember running around Bomb-omb Battlefield and swimming around in Jolly Roger’s Bay, and am currently having flashbacks to encountering the massive eel monster in the depths of the bay. It was one of the first games that I went through and explored every area possible, and took the massive amount of time to get to Yoshi by collecting all the stars. While I think Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a better game, the memories and experiences I had with Super Mario 64 make it my favorite.

John Hansen, Author

Super Mario 64 has to be my favorite. It was my first videogame and who knows how many times I have ran through the game and also collected all 120 stars. This was not the first game in a 3D world, but in my opinion, it was the first successful game in a 3D environment. Mario could do so much that he couldn’t in previous games. He could triple jump, long jump, back flip, get shot out of cannons, fly with an owl, get different hats that would let him fly, be particlized (it’s not a word, but I’m using it), and this game brought the introduction of Metal Mario. Every world was unique and fun to play in and who else remembers the first time you grabbed Bowser by the tail, spun him around, and threw him into a bomb? Super Mario 64 kept my 4 year old mind in awe. It is an absolute treasure of a game and my favorite Mario game of all time.