Power Rangers: Legacy Wars fulfills childhood dreams with Megazord update


As many on the internet are more than aware of by now, being a kid in the 90’s was a pretty special thing. In a decade that gave the world everything from grunge rock to campy kids shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple, there’s just so much to love and it shows with nostalgia for the time reaching an all-time high. If you, my dear reader, are anything like me, you probably have a history with the Power Rangers. I, like many others, have spent many a childhood afternoon smashing two Megazord toys together and imagining the most epic battle in history was being played out at my will.

This colorful, robotic-punchfest childhood dream now becomes a reality thanks to a new content update to the mobile fighting game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. This update adds the iconic Megazords from the extensive 24-year history of the spandex clad warriors; which marks the first time in history a player has been able to engage in Megazord on Megazord combat.

Power Rangers Megazords

While just the addition of Megazords is certainly enough to grab attention, this update adds in a whole new game mode for current players of the mobile title. This mode is an alliance-based real-time battle for leaderboard positions, which in turn pays out in sweet rewards like Zords that can be used to unlock a customizable Megazord that you can take into battle with other alliances.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices and has been downloaded over 23 million times since its release, so there should be no shortage of players to ally yourself with and take down those leaderboards. If you just can’t get enough Power Ranger action, but you want a console-based experience, you can also take a look at Power Rangers Mega Battle or the heavily Power Ranger inspired Chroma Squad.