New Sonic mobile game Sonic Forces: Speed Battle available globally


Sega Networks, Inc. has announced today that Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is available worldwide. Speed Battle is a real-time multiplayer game that will allow players from around the world to go up against each other in competition. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, much like Sonic Dash, is a runner in which players will collect coins and avoid obstacles in order to reach the goal as fast as possible. The most obvious difference with Speed Battle is that it is a multiplayer experience in which players will have to reach the goal faster than their opponents.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle was developed by HARDlight. This is the same team behind such mobile titles as Sonic Dash, Crazy Taxi: City Rush and Sonic Jump. Speed Battle will feature 15 playable characters from the Sonic universe, more specifically the upcoming Sonic Forces. Recurring characters such as Knuckles, Amy, Omega and Classic Sonic will appear alongside less frequent characters such as Metal Sonic, Chaos and Zavok. There will be 12 tracks available at launch. The races will take place across three unique environments, two of which were inspired by Sonic Forces. Players will have the ability to build a squad and level up their characters in order to perform at a higher level. There will be global as well as regional leaderboards.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is free to download now on the App store for iPhone and iPad. It is headed to Android devices on November 16th, 2017.