Hulu comes to Nintendo Switch eShop


Those of you wishing you could watch your favorite shows while on the go with your Nintendo Switch are in for a treat as today (out of nowhere) Hulu has become available to download on the Switch’s eShop.

When the Switch was first announced, video streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix were surprisingly absent with Nintendo saying they wanted to focus on making a solid game system first and while there were no promises, there was a chance those streaming apps could come in the future.

For those of you like me who have yet to grab a bigger memory card for your Switch, the Hulu download is only 39 MB, and it is supported in either docked or portable mode.

The addition of Hulu tells me that other streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix coming is no longer a matter of “if it will come”, but instead, “when will it come?” Personally, I am holding out hope for a Youtube app to come out relatively soon.

As a guy who has had an absolute ball playing his Switch this year, I have to say Nintendo is delivering on every point this year. In the first eight months of the console-handheld hybrid being out we have gotten some amazing Nintendo games, fun indie games, and now streaming services for when you’re not in a gaming mood.

If you want to check out Gamespot’s article where I first found out about this, you can find it HERE.