Do Not Feed the Monkeys in 2018


The Sim genre is a very mixed bag for me. I kind of get why some people really enjoy sitting in their room micro-managing life. There’s something kind of appealing about playing God. What I never quite understood was the desire to allow that to become a real addiction: the reason for this being that you get so involved in the virtual life of someone else that in extreme cases you kinda stop living yours. Take the Sims series. It was a brilliant game, certainly in its early days and I had fun with it, but I had friends that I’d almost argue had a wee bit too much fun with it to the point where I wouldn’t see them for days. I’m hoping the rather odd mentality might be made fun of a bit in Fictiorama Studios new title Do Not Feed the Monkeys.

So this is slightly less a sim per say and more of a “digital voyeur simulator.” We’ve moved from controlling other people (I’m hoping we’ve realized by now this title isn’t referring to the do’s and don’ts of a day at the zoo) to spying on them. As a brand new member of The Primate Observation Club you will invade the privacy of dozens of strangers, witnessing their most intimate moments. While doing this you’ll also have to do those important lifey things like eating and making sure you can still afford to pay your rent.

The Primate Observation Club is a cover for a rather secretive bunch of individuals who spy on others via surveillance cameras and unprotected web cams. Tired of living in a shabby apartment and having boring jobs, you’re quite happy to have been accepted into the organisation and that now you are able to do a spot of your own spying on the “caged monkeys.”

The game, which has a strong “pixel art” style, will see you browsing social networks, wikis, websites, newspapers, web stores and chat rooms. This will allow you to gather information on the “monkeys” on which you are spying. The question is how are you going to use this information? Whether you help or hinder those that you are watching is up to you but however you go about doing it you have to follow one simple rule: you can never interact with them, hence, “don’t feed the monkeys.” One thing is pretty much for certain: whether you decide to be the hero or the villain, your actions are bound to have consequences.

This actually looks pretty interesting. It’s very difficult to “manage” anything when you aren’t allowed to get involved. This game is appearing to be less of a sim and more of a social (or anti-social) experiment in the form of a game. Fictiorama are finalizing Do Not Feed the Monkeys at the moment and we can hope to see it hit our PC screens via Steam by summer of next year.