GIVEAWAY / Win a CleverPet, the game console for your dog!


Who’s a good dog? Your dog! Now, who’s a smart dog? Would you believe the answer to this question is also your dog? If you think their proclivity for drinking out of the toilet would say otherwise, it’s only because you haven’t tried the CleverPet. We recently reviewed this game console for dogs and learned that our furry friends are smarter (and sneakier) than we previously imagined.

“One of the things we believe at CleverPet is that animals (including us humans!) are both more intelligent and less intelligent than is commonly believed… We’ve existed as a species for around 300,000 years, but have only had writing and formal education for a few thousand!,” says CleverPet CEO Leo Trotier. “Other species are also both more and less smart than we think, for the same reasons. We’re constantly seeing that they’re able to solve problems that we didn’t expect them to be able to solve, if only the problems are presented in the right way. And they’re less smart because many people attribute skills or concepts to animals that there’s no way animals have: unless you’ve taught them carefully, chances are they can’t understand sentences.”

In other words, it’s up to you to get excited for the both of you when you read this sentence: You can enter to win a free CleverPet ($299 value)! Just pick from any or all of the options below to increase your chances.

CleverPet December Giveaway