REVIEW / Loot Crate (November 2017)


Well folks, it may be a bit late, but if you still need to cross someone off your gift list, subscription boxes are still a great option. Every month (or two months), these services will send out a box full of geeky goods based on a theme. There are two I usually cover on TVGB, and this month we have both of them.


First up is Loot Crate, the geeky subscription box that started the trend. November’s theme was “Unite 2.0”, which brings back an old theme involving teams of all sorts. We were promised items from Overwatch, Power Rangers, and more. It’s a pretty generic theme, so how did it fare?

Exclusive Overwatch Funko Pop Figure

Ah, Funko Pop figures. What started as a small line of adult figures in a cutesy art style has taken the world by storm. As long time readers know, I collect these figures, so I’m always happy to see exclusives in Loot Crate. That said, this one isn’t my favorite. It’s an alternate color version of Widowmaker from Overwatch, which is the problem. Not that it’s from Overwatch; while I have little interest in the game, it’s more than popular enough to warrant inclusion. No, the disappointing part is that it’s just a different paint job as opposed to a different mold. We’ve been spoiled by the last few exclusive figures, it seems. Still, it’s a nice exclusive for Overwatch fans.

Power Rangers Figure

The second figure in this month’s crate is a Loot Crate original. It’s a small, large-headed figure of one of the original five Power Rangers. Which Ranger you get is random, so some may be disappointed by what they pull, but the figures are quite nice. They’re only about as tall as my finger, but they’re well detailed, cleanly painted, and come with a cool stand. The stands even connect, in case you get more than one. A bit of a cash grab, maybe, but they are pretty cool for their size.  Also, I got Jason, so that’s fun. I’m not sure if I’d have been as happy with a different Ranger.

Voltron T-shirt

This is actually the second time we’ve received a Voltron shirt from Loot Crate. But while that one was a blueprint sort of design, this one is in an 8-bit style and much more colorful. Color is a good thing in my book, especially when talking about Voltron. The shirt features the mighty bot itself, along with all of the pilots and the logo. Sorry if I’m using the wrong terminology; I’ve never actually watched Voltron. But the shirt is still awesome, and it stands out in a cool way. The 8-bit visual style also makes it look kind of like the style you’d see on a Christmas sweater, so you can blend in at your next family gathering.


Justice League Comic Reprint

Either because of the success of the reprinted Action Comics in a previous Loot Crate, the debut of the Justice League movie, or both, Loot Crate included this time around a reprint of the comic issue that first introduced the Justice League as a team. This comic was first printed in 1960 during the industry’s “Silver Age,” so it’s another interesting peek into the history of comic books. Without getting too much into comic history, the Silver Age featured some bizarre stories, and represented probably the least serious versions of these characters. It’s rather a far cry from the film they’re trying to tie it in with, actually. In any case, a few of the original ads are even included, to really sell what reading comics at the time was like. As before, a comic is sort of a weak inclusion, but at least it’s an interesting one.

Unite Pin

This month’s pin features silhouettes of four generic superheroes in front of a blue and yellow background. It’s a pretty cool visual, and I like the somewhat retro art style they went with. I also rather appreciate that this one doesn’t have the Loot Crate logo anywhere on it, making it a nice standalone pin. If we can’t have licensed images on the pins anymore, it’s nice to at least have that. It’s not one of my favorites or anything, but I’ll probably put it on my bag at least.

Batman: The Telltale Series (Season 1)

The digital content this time around is a nice one: the first season of Telltale’s adventure game based on the dark knight. True, the game can be found for pretty cheap these days, and it’s been offered for free elsewhere before, but it’s still a nice giveaway with a $25 value. Considering last month we got content for a free to play mobile puzzle game, I’m more than happy to take Batman. You do have to download the game from Telltale’s website, which can be a bit buggy, but it’s a well-received game. You can find Melinda Tibbitts’s review of the first chapter here.


Overall, this isn’t too bad a selection for Loot Crate. The standouts for me personally are the Power Rangers figure and the Voltron shirt, but I’m sure an exclusive Overwatch Pop figure will also demand plenty of attention. The combined awesomeness of those three meant that the fourth main item was a comic, but it’s an interesting historical comic, so it could be worse. Throw in a decent pin and some cool digital content, and we have a month that shows Loot Crate is still managing to go strong against the competition.


This month, the theme will be “Explore,” and it sounds like it could be another winner. It’ll feature items from Destiny 2, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a fourth property they aren’t revealing yet. If you want to subscribe, hit up The monthly subscription is about $20 with shipping, though other subscription options are available. I’ll see you back here when December’s crate comes.

United we stand...again
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  • Franchises
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+ Exclusive Pop figure
+ Unique Power Rangers figure
+ Worthwhile digital item
+ Cool shirt design
– Pop figure is just a repaint
– Comic as the fourth main item