Warframe reveals the winners of the Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest


At The 2017 Game Awards on December 7th there was a lot of celebration and jubilation; games that we loved here at That VideoGame Blog rightfully got their due recognition and we got a glimpse at what’s in store for 2018 and beyond. However, the event was extra special for the three winners of the Warframe “Tenno’s Greatest Trailer” contest whose work was recognized that night.

The trailer creators were tasked with submitting a 25 second video showing their love for the long running Free-To-Play game. Using in-game footage and music, the players were given free rein to express themselves and the end results proved to be something special.

1st place winner – Benjamin Noisette (NihilVX) $10,000 prize

The artistic direction of Noisette’s video is apparent right from the get-go. The artistic blending of character shots superimposed on the close ups gives a stylish tone to the video. The use of sweeping slow motion pan shots ties the action into the narrative of the character reveals. Clearly Noisette had a strong vision and a perfect execution, which netted him the top spot of the contest.

2nd place winner – Ryan Tam (Nyx53) $3,000 prize

Tam has a very interesting style in that he utilizes zooms and sweeping closeups to bounce in and out of action shots, giving the trailer a very distinct flow. The second shot is by far my favorite of the whole trailer; the pulled out pan shot revealing the beautiful atmosphere before diving head first and blending into an action scene using a motion blur effect was brilliant and felt very representative of the moment to moment action in-game.

3rd place winner – Yegor Poustovalov (AQUA5) $1,000 prize

Out of all the winning videos, Yegor displays the greatest ability to utilize light sources for dramatic effect. The contrasting light sources and usage of shadow give this trailer the most cinematic feel of the bunch. Much like a film trailer, there is a story within this trailer that is able to be teased out and that does a solid job of building intrigue to a new Warframe player.