Earth Romancer set to smash the competition in competitive platform brawlers


The Smash Bros. franchise has had a huge following pretty much since the game first launched. This unique platform brawler offers a style of play that is unlike playing any other fighter like Tekken or Street Fighter. It is very surprising to me that no other developers have cribbed this idea and tried to build on that formula. At least until now, that is.

Developer Lunar Hare Studios is entering the fray with Earth Romancer, a tournament-grade platform brawler in development for Steam and consoles. Led by competitive gamer Blank Mauser, LHS is poised to take the competitive brawler world by storm.

“There have been many great platform brawlers, and I have played many of them, some, even competitively. I have always thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great if Smash Bros had this’ or ‘how awesome would it be if Marvel vs Capcom had that’, but instead of waiting for someone to create a truly all-encompassing platform fighting game, I decided to do it myself,” said Blank Mauser, CEO, Lunar Hare Studios.

Earth Romancer stands on the shoulders of giants in this genre,” Mauser continued, “liberally taking what makes them great, and combining those features into a complete action-packed platforming fighting experience sprinkled with new mechanics I have always wanted.”

Earth Romancer will mold together familiar game mechanics such as flexible combo chaining of fighters, and the intuitive control scheme and movement of Smash Brothers, with new and inventive mechanics. Earth Romancer will offer a vibrant Nintendo-esque aesthetic and an original soundtrack inspired by old-school platformers and classic fantasy RPGs.

Game features will include:

  • Dash or jump through projectiles for intense bullet-hell style fighting.
  • Spawn stage objects while fighting and manipulate the environment to your advantage.
  • Unique character-specific in-air actions.
  • Two modes of play! Choose Redshift or Blueshift modes or play a combination of both and switch mid-combat.

Earth Romancer is slated for a Q1 2019 with the backing from an ongoing Fig campaign, allowing fans to invest in the game and share in the game’s potential profit. LHS is shooting for a goal of $100K and it reached 13K in just the first couple minutes after the campaign went live. If you are interested in donating, head over to the Earth Romancer campaign page here.