GTA Online’s Doomsday Heist Update is out now


Rockstar Games have officially launched the latest in a long line of free content updates for the staggeringly successful online portion of 2012 hit Grand Theft Auto V. The update marks a return to the Heist format originally introduced over 2 years ago – entitled The Doomsday Heist, the update offers a 3-act campaign that introduces a metric ton of new kit. It also happens to be a welcome departure from the money-centric updates that have dominated the game for the past year.

Welcome to the Facility. An over-priced waste of– ahem, I mean your route to Heist success.

The Doomsday Heist is available to those who can afford to purchase an underground Facility – the cheapest comes in at around GTA$1.25m, minus extras such as a $900,000 Orbital Cannon (or room to sleep). The huge variety of new vehicles, weapon upgrades, and clothing items are available to access for anyone with the cash on hand; particular highlights include the Deluxo hovercar, a huge VTOL aerial mobile operations center, and the holy grail of GTA hilarity – a jet pack.

Ta-daaa! Just like you remember it from the days of old.

The Heist itself is split into 3 Acts, each moving through the same format. To begin, you’ll need to run through 3 free mode tech-acquisition missions, which can – if you’re hard enough – be completed alone; then you’ll have to complete 3 set-up missions, using the acquired tech to achieve specific goals. These missions are similar to the old Heists, in that they cannot be completed alone – you’ll only need to find one friend minimum though, so fret not.

The Delorea— erm, Deluxo.

Then you’ll move on to the 3 Doomsday Heist finales, each more horrendously challenging than the last. Having completed one at the time of writing, I can confirm that they are totally bad-ass. It’s exactly the kind of scripted chaos that GTA Online had so desperately needed.

However, these new heists, and everything they bring with them, are not the reason for my taking to the laptop. If you’re a big GTA:O fan, you will know that data-miners have attacked the new update, and found reference to a treasure hunt that seems to be related to Rockstar’s upcoming release, Read Dead Redemption 2. It offers a cash reward, and a new weapon for both your GTA:O and in-game RDR2 characters.

N.B: the actual hunt includes a note on this here grave-stone.

I’m waffling on about all of this because – hold your squeals of excitement, please – that treasure hunt is currently live. You’ll receive an email, with a picture of (in my case, anyway) the cemetery that sits just off the west coast of the map (in North-West Los Santos). Head there, and find the note attached to a gravestone. The treasure hunt will then begin in earnest, and you’ll have to head to 3 different locations across LS and Blaine County to find the ‘clues.’

Oh, and yeah: that’s the gun.

I can’t help feeling like this ought to have been done at Easter. Anyway, in my case – though it seems to be the same for everyone – I traveled to a small cave buried in the Tongva Hills; an abandoned shack on the coast of Sandy Shores (the south coast of the Alamo Sea); and the foot of a tree near a farm in Grapeseed. Collect the clues, and you’ll uncover the final resting place of some guy’s treasure. You’ll be directed to a patch of land that varies from person to person. There, you will find this scene:

It’s dark, but you can see the chest and shovel, right? And the dead body in the bushes? RIGHT?

Grab the Double Action Revolver, and high-tail it out of there.

A notification will inform you that a challenge has been unlocked – rack up 50 headshots with the gun, and you’ll receive the GTA cash reward, as well as a unique variant of the weapon for use in Read Dead Redemption 2. The challenge can be completed on any random NPC, so go ahead and fire away. You’ll gain GTA$250,000 for your trouble.

Looks like someone else got here first.

If you’d like to see the full list of patches that came alongside The Doomsday Heist update, head to the official Rockstar support page. The usual slog of in-game sales are joined this time by a vast number of much-needed bug fixes, so give it a read.